What I do


A professional musician since the age of 7, Tom has worked as a studio musician and marketer with companies such as Nike, Xerox, Google, television, radio, and film studios as well as his own band. 


Tom is also one of the owners of one of the largest marketing procurement and automation software companies in the S.F. Bay Area. 


This well-rounded experience has allowed Tom to focus on producing some of the best material possible for his clients.  


A vast quantity of the hits in the past were created by a group of studio musicians. Tom was fond of this "Wrecking Crew" approach where the talent was in the songwriter and just needed a back-up band to support it. In today’s computer-filled music world, sometimes that falls short.


So Tom called in his colleagues, who all have a part in major music history, to come together as a new "Wrecking Crew" --to be hired guns for struggling songwriters who want a professional sound with professional musicians. 

This is our goal: to bring back real music from real musicians.

You can see Tom occasionally play live as guest guitarist with Foghat when he is not in the studio, and also fronting his own band, T. A.