Music Production

How we do it


To get started, upload or email an MP3 of your song idea and choose what musicians/instruments you want on your recording. (Keyboard staff members all play piano, organ, and synths.) Word of caution, our musicians are Grammy winners, seasoned pros and are not cheap. 


We act as a record label in the sense that we will review your song for potential as well as recommend instruments, parts, or other session players to give your song the best possible sound. This is our Executive Produce role. 

Please note: If we feel your song just won’t cut it in today’s music world, we will politely and kindly tell you. We don’t want to waste your time or your money. 


Once final selections have been made, we will give you a bid on price. Fees vary based on song sophistication. For example, a prog rock song will cost more than a simple ballad due to rehearsal times and charting required.  


If we all agree, then we will record your tracks in one of our state-of-the-art studios on either coast. Your song will be mixed and mastered to perfection, ready for CD production or uploading to your favorite download site. The music will always be 100% owned by you. Once our job is completed, you owe us nothing more. Ever. 


There are other services like ours that give you a flat rate per song, but these sites do not disclose who plays on your recording. We are transparent, and our credibility in the industry will help you market your works.


It doesn't end with the music. We also offer full merchandise selections of shirts, hats, swag, and gear to help at your live shows or any e-commerce efforts.